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Glass is one of the oldest materials known to man!

Though its conception during the Stone Age around 7,000 B.C, windows didn’t become a foundation in society until the mid-1800s. Thankfully, Belgian chemist Ernest Solvay invented a cost-effective way to produce glass in panes, which quickly popularized massive window facades in architecture!

People quickly started to notice that glass panes needed to be regularly cleaned, and the window cleaning industry was born.

With windows now appearing practically everywhere, a Frenchman by the name of Marius Moussy founded the French Cleaning Institute in 1878 to organize professional window washers. The founding of the institute then led to the formation of The Federation of German Cleaning Institute Entrepreneurs in 1901.

The cleaning industry was experiencing tremendous growth at the turn of the century. The founding of these organizations laid the groundwork for the window cleaning industry we know today! 


What is the "secret" to those professionally cleaned windows? The technique! That's it? Yes! That's it

Almost everybody has seen professional window cleaners working on a storefront, high-rise building, or a home. They make it look so easy! When you have the right professional tools to do the job, along with the correct instruction, it's a breeze.

It won't be long before you get the same results as the professionals.  

It's not difficult to clean windows! Getting to the window, though, can be a challenge. There is a multitude of things (internally and externally) that can impede your window cleaning process.

Beyond this stuff is "The Window" waiting for you to clean it! Some are high, some low, and others are in the perfect position for you to clean. Once there, the process is simple. Apply some cleaning solution to the glass and use the squeegee to remove it.

"It's that easy?" Well, it is a whole lot easier than most people think.

You probably have tried all sorts of ways to clean your windows, and also probably thought it didn't look too bad... until the sun shined through it. It will no longer be that way for you! You'll get great results.

While it appears to be repetitive work, it takes the application of the skills each time you clean the windows.

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